Because you never know when you will need coverage.

At Crimson Insurance, we’ll help you make the right choices to minimize your risk.  Whether you’re a small to mid-size business, you want the best insurance plan that saves you time and money.
We search over 200 insurance providers to give you a policy customized for your needs.  By educating you on your options and simplifying your insurance plan, Crimson Insurance makes getting insurance easy, so you can focus on what’s important: your business.

Quite simply, our process is to partner with you to:

  • Evaluate what you have and what you need to close gaps and minimize exposure.
  • Educate you by translating jargon into common language so you really understand what benefits you’re getting for your insurance dollars.
  • Simplify and bundle your insurance policies so you make only one call to one broker when you have questions or need to make changes.
  • Customize our services so you get the best protection for your business.