The wide variety of available insurance policies often makes it difficult for small business owners to know which types they should purchase to cover them from the main risks associated with owning a business, according to Live Insurance News.

The website said general liability insurance coverage is one type of policy that is a must for small businesses, because it covers them from liabilities related to alleged negligence, injuries and accident.

Another type of insurance that small businesses need to purchaseis commercial property insurance, which protects a business from water, fire, or vandalism damage, theft and other issues that could make a facility unusable, LIN stated.

Other policies the website believes small businesses should invest in are commercial auto coverage and workers compensation.

These insurance policies give small business owners some financial protection for their operations, workers and possessions, but those aren’t the only things small business owners need to worry about.

Other concerns that can bother small business owners were recently spelled out by Crain’s Chicago Business, which identified employees asking for raises during down times, working 16 or more hours a day to keep a business afloat and not receiving payments on time.