Outdoor cannabis growers face the same insurance issues as other farmers, including the risks from pollution liability, and need adequate protection.

Consider the many factors that can contribute to a pollution liability issues:

  • Pesticide and fungicide contaminated water runoff
  • Fuel and chemical spills
  • Dust
  • Bodily injury and property damage resulting from pollution incidents
  • Waste water effluents and storm water

However, for the cannabis grower, finding pollution insurance which allows you to responsibly clean up the damage and receive reimbursement for destroyed property to get your operation back up and running has been far from easy.

Crimson Insurance aims to change that and we are excited to announce we are taking pollution insurance applications for outdoor cannabis growers in the state of California!

Let us help you get the protection you need to ensure that you receive the level of coverage to maintain a healthy and profitable business.

Contact us today to apply for a pollution insurance quote for your outdoor cannabis grow operation.