The term “cyber liability” is a bit of a misnomer.  Yes, it insures businesses against hackers….

most of the time.  But more importantly, it protects you if any client OR employee file gets

compromised.  This file can be digital or hard copy.

But as always, not all policies are built equally.  This is a relatively new coverage on the market,

and as such, there are many inconsistencies as to what is covered as you look at the variety of

carriers that offer this package type.  As carriers make the plunge into this marketplace, each

decides what coverages they are willing to afford to their insureds.  As always, but particularly here,

it is important to read the fine print.

Data Breach, Legal Costs and Security Guards are a few of the terms most frequently appear in the

language of the policy.

Did you know that even if you use a third party credit card processing service, you can still be

help liable should that transaction get compromised and result in credit fraud?